Africa waiting for us

We have a lot of African players on the list already. But also a lot of publicity around. Every week, somewhere in Africa we can see new article about World Cup in Abidjan. We found one for you. From very prestige web. Follow this link for details.


Draughts History in Ivory-Coast / Africa. From 22nd (official date of arrival) till 30 April (official date of departure ) Abidjan, main and capital city of Republic of Ivory Coast, will host for the first time in world draughts history , a World Cup tournament of ***** 5 stars among the Read more…

Free package

Free package, Dear players from top federations. We have hotel with meals for free for You! This will be provided for highest classified player from:  Russia, Netherlands, Belarus, Senegal, Ukraine, Latvia, Cameroon, France, Germany, Lithuania for men and Russia, Netherlands, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, China, Mongolia, Estonia for women. Read more…

Abidjan after 22 years

It was almost 22 years ago. The World Championship had been played in Abidjan. Draughts is still (or even more!) popular here. Draughts World expect very exiting event with many local draughts diamond not discovered yet.